Most industries require their employees to be drug and alcohol free to be able to perform their tasks or duties in a safe manner for themselves and the others around them. This is particularly true for those that operate or are around heavy machinery and tools, health care workers, emergency services, and transportation.

The following are the recommended drug test: 

  • Random Drug Testing – Random drug testing is exactly as it sounds. On any random day testing all of your employees or a random group of employees.
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing – As part of the pre-employment process you can have your potential submit to a drug and alcohol test. This will eliminate (or greatly reduce) the chance of hiring a drug or alcohol user.
  • Reasonable Cause Drug Testing – Employees who are under reasonable suspicion of being unfit whilst performing their duties. This provides a safe workplace environment.
  • Post-Incident Drug Testing – When employees are involved in a workplace accident or a near miss a test can be performed to determine if drugs or alcohol were a factor.
  • Return To Work Drug Testing – Returning employees that previously tested for drugs or alcohol. It can also be used as periodically to ensure they are not using drugs or alcohol whilst at work.
  • Pre-Promotion Drug Testing – Prior to promoting an employee administering a drug and alcohol test to ensure they meet your safe workplace standards.