It’s a common practice for those that use illicit drugs to try and cheat a drug test. By using a drug testing kit that complies with the Australian Standards it becomes near impossible to falsify the results. As part of the safeguards to ensure the drug testing kit is accurate, there are a number of built in features to verify the specimen is in fact urine. 

One such test is a temperature strip. When urine is eliminated from the body it will be at the approximate temperature of the donor body. Between 36.1℃ – 37.2℃ is the temperature of the average adult. Thus when a specimen is provided in the drug testing cup the temperature strip should register the specimen between 36.1℃ – 37.2℃ or in close proximity to this temperature. If the specimen is not between this range then the specimen is likely a fake.

The second safeguard is a built-in specimen validity test to ensure that the urine supplied has not been adulterated. The specimen validity test checks the pH level, creatinine, nitrite, bleach, and specific gravity test. If the specimen provided passes the adulteration test then it is in fact urine.

As a saliva drug test is conducted in front of the collector it makes it hard to alter the results.