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Testing Procedure

    • Remove lower cap and dip test strips into specimen
    • When test windows begin to turn pink, remove from specimen and replace cap
    • Read the results:
    • Negative result indicated by a line in the test area
    • Positive result indicated by the absence of a line in the test area

All tests sold by the box – 25 tests per box.

Test Cutoff Levels

  • THC : 50 ng/ml
  • COC : 300 ng/ml
  • AMP : 300 ng/ml
  • METH : 300 ng/ml
  • OPI : 300 ng/ml
  • BZO : 200 ng/ml

Customers praise the ProScreen Dip

"I didn’t really know what you meant by saying the ProScreen Dip was flood free until I accidently dropped it into the specimen and the test still worked and I could read the results easily."
Betty Wan – WA