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Testing Procedure

    • Swab the inside of the mouth until sponge pad is soft.
    • Insert sponge pad into chamber and secure cap
    • Peel off the label to read the results:
    • Negative result indicated by a line in the test area
    • Positive result indicated by the absence of a line in the test area

All tests sold by the box – 25 tests per box.

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Test Cutoff Levels

    • THC : 25 ng/ml (Parent Drug)
    • COC : 50 ng/ml
    • AMP : 50 ng/ml
    • METH : 50 ng/ml
    • OPI : 50 ng/ml
    • BZO : 50 ng/ml
    • OXY : 40 ng/ml

Customers praise the First Sign Saliva Test

"I love love love the First Sign saliva test. In our office, time matters and the First Sign works so fast it makes us all happy."
Becky Neutter – QLD