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Our Mission

Our mission as a company is quite simple:
Provide the very best products at the very best price.

Experience and Knowledge

Our senior management has over 40 years of experience in drug and alcohol testing.

We are Australia’s trusted source for expert guidance in all matters related to drug and alcohol testing.

We take great pride in our ability to source the very best products and match these products to our customers needs, helping them create a more complete and cost effective drug free workplace program.

We have personally been to the factory and can attest to the rigorous level of quality control and exacting high standards in manufacturing.

We have met with the senior scientists and have worked in concert with them to create and deliver the finest products to the Australian market.

We Are ProScreen

AustraliaDrugTesting.com, Pty Ltd is the EXCLUSIVE provider of the ProScreen line of drug testing devices, widely considered to be the finest in Australia.

All ProScreen products have been verified to the Australian Standard AS 4308:2008.

All ProScreen products are made in the USA.

Quality and Service First

We triple check all ProScreen products for accuracy before a single product is sold.

We dispatch most orders the same day.

We immediately reply to all queries.

We have staff in the USA working directly with the manufacturer to ensure quality and performance at all times.

We are obsessive about quality.

We Can Help You – Call 1800 187 238

Australia’s Trusted Partner in Workplace Drug Testing